Module X

Module X is a free module in MeshFlow. Current Module X has the following functions.

PointCloudFromMesh will get point cloud from the selecting meshes.

ShowAllMesh/HideAllMesh will show/hide all meshes in model.

ShowAllPointCloud/HideAllPointCloud will show/hide all point cloud in model.

ModelManage will mange meshes and surfaces.

SearchSurfByMesh will search matched surface by mesh.

Notice: We are happy to share our knowledge with users. If your supplied feature request can be finished (developing and testing) in two days, the feature will be put into Module x (Free Modules Forever), and we will upload the updated plug-in as soon as possible. Our team are only interesting in surface, point cloud and mesh developing. If your supplied feature request is not in this domain, we will omit it, also send you an email to confirm it. Feature request now. If any bug found, please let us know it, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Bug report now.