Download  MeshFlow (v1.042) win64 for Rhino5.0.
Sorry,  MeshFlow win32 for Rhino5.0 is not available.

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  1. Do anyone have any detailed instructions for installing MeshFlow win64 for Rhino5.0. I want to try this out before buying. When I try to install I under Rhino: Options: Plug-ins: I get “Rhino Plug-in Error” “MeshFlow(win64).rar” “Unable to load MeshFlow(win64).rar plug-in: initialization failed”

  2. Hi Beverly,

    Please firstly unzip this .rar file to .rhp file. Rhino5′s plugin format is .rhp.
    Secondly, use command “PlugInManager” to popup plugin manager dialog, and click “Install” button to load thie MeshFlow.rhp.
    Make sure use Rhino5 64bit version.
    Best Regards.
    Jacky Yang