Convex Hull

It will calculate a 2D or 3D convex hull from the selected objects. The command is “ConvexHull“.

Here we list two samples of convex hull.

Make it close
Points and Curve
2D Convex Hull (Polygon)
Make it close
3D Convex Hull (Mesh)


If your ConvexHull 30 days free trial edition experied, please register it to get an active code.

Module Name
10 $

Notice: The product is license to a single user but most 4 PCs. After Rhino upgrading, our plug-in upgrade fee is only 1$.

Notice: If any bug found, please let us know it, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. Bug report now.


Download ConvexHull win64 for Rhino5.0.

Sorry, ConvexHull win32 for Rhino5.0 is not available.