Release notes of MeshFlow 1.0 for Rhino5.0


I am Jacky Yang, a developer of melon soft. We are pleased to announce that MeshFlow 1.0 is formally released today.

Mesh Flow is a reverse engineering related plug-in for Rhino 5.0 and above. It can help engineers to build all kinds of surfaces from point cloud or mesh model. It also support 3D triangle mesh generation from point cloud, single sketch or single curve. Current Mesh Flow 1.0 contains 11 modules:

  1. Point Cloud to Mesh. Select a point cloud, it will convert the point cloud to a triangle mesh. We have tested it for 332 .xyz and .dat 3D points files. It’s robust and fast.
  2. Point Cloud Resample. Select a point cloud, it will resample (simplify) the point cloud by random, curvature or mixed methods.
  3. Mesh Decompose. Select a mesh, it will decompose the mesh into several sub regions based on curvature analysis and statistic. It can easily separate a complex mesh into several rational sub meshes. So you can fit each sub mesh into a independent surface and trim them later.  We have tested 76 complex models from .STL files. It works well.
  4. Fit All Surface by Mesh. Select a mesh, it will fit mesh into Plane, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Torus, Extrude, Revolve and B-Spline surface. Basic quadric surface is fit base on LSQ algorithm, Extrude and Revolve fitting algorithm are based on Gaussian curvature.
  5. Fit All Surface by Point Cloud. Select a point cloud, it will fit Plane, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Torus, and B-Spline surface.
  6. TrimSurf/TrimSurfMutual - TrimSurf will trim the selected surface by other surfaces in model automatically. TrimSurfMutual will trim the selected surfaces mutually.
  7. Point Cloud Boundary Curve. Select a point cloud. It will trace boundary curves from a “open” point cloud without meshing it.
  8. Inflate Sketch. Sketch a closed polygon, it will inflate the polygon into a closed 3D mesh. This feature is very important for building bone or toy model.
  9. Inflate Curve. Select a closed curve (simple without self-intersection), it will inflate the curve into a 3D mesh. This feature is very important for building bone or toy model.
  10. Trace Skeleton. Select a planar point cloud, it will trace a polygon skeleton. This feature is very important for Extrude and Revolve surface fitting.
  11. Module X (Free Module Forever)  – PointCloudFromMesh will get point cloud from the selecting meshes. ShowAllMesh/HideAllMesh will show/hide all meshes in model. ShowAllPointCloud/HideAllPointCloud will show/hide all point cloud in model. ModelManage will mange meshes and surfaces. SearchSurfByMesh will search matched surface by mesh.


Best Regards.
Jacky Yang